Bulk Tobacco, Rolling Papers, Tubes, Cigarette Injection Machines, and Wraps

     Puff n Stuff keeps in stock everything you need to roll and make your own cigarettes at unbeatable prices. That's why we carry every type and flavor of Rolling Tobacco, including light, full flavor, menthol, and flavors like clove and cherry. Best of all, our prices start at $19.99 per pound.

    With our competitive pricing, you can make your own cigarettes with high-quality tobacco for as little as $1.35 per pack. Better yet, in some instances, the tobacco we sell is much higher quality than store-bought cigarettes.

We also sell tubes with filters comparable to your current big-brand cigarettes. We stock them in all sizes and sell various types like ultra-lights, lights, full flavor, menthol, kings, and 100s to suit your tastes.

For those make-your-own cigarettes enthusiasts, Puff n Stuff sells cigarette injection machines that start at $7.99. Customers can choose from several different brands.

​    We also have hundreds of rolling of papers to choose from, including rice and hemp papers, as well as fun, novelty brands. Puff n Stuff also carries several different filters for your papers, including glass filter tips.

For added convenience, we sell hundreds of types of wraps, blunts, small cigars, and cigarillos. We keep them in a light humidor setting to keep all products fresh.

Puff n Stuff is also known as a discount cigarette store. Not only do we have all the specialty cigarettes and small cigars in the store, but we also carry all your big-brand favorites at deeply discounted prices.

Make your own cigarettes and save money.
Bulk and Discount Tobacco at Puff n Stuff
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