Hydroponics Supplies at Puff n Stuff
ebb & flow hydroponics system


Grow Lights

Hydroponic Systems & Supplies


PH & TDS Testers

Growing Mediums

Net Pots & Containers

Propagation & Cloning


Trays & Reservoirs


Growing Books

Air & Water Pumps 

and Much more.

  Puff n Stuff Smoke Shop
 North & East Dallas, Garland, The Colony, TX.
Puff n Stuff Smoke Shops know hydroponics.  We also know when you need a ballast or a bulb, or you just feel like getting some gardening work in it can't always wait till tomorrow.   With most hydroponics supply stores closing so early, it's almost like banker's hours.  Puff n Stuff Smoke Shops are open 365 days a year,  and are open late hours everyday.  But we are not just great for emergencies, Puff n Stuff smoke shop has all you basic needs in stock and in great prices.  Basic everyday needs are to be found in all the Puff n Stuff locations; Dallas, Garland, The Colony and in North Dallas / Plano area.  If you need a full line of products we recommend you hit up Green Habitat Hydroponics which is in the same shopping center as the East Dallas Puff n Stuff smoke shop location,  they will take care of you, very knowledgeable shop and they love to help.
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