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and Much more.

  Puff n Stuff Smoke Shop
 North & East Dallas, Garland, The Colony, TX.
Puff n Stuff Smoke Shop associates know all about hydroponics to better serve customers. With our experience and knowledge, we can tell when you need a bulb, a ballasr, or something else. Our friendly associates are also available when you're ready to get some heavy-duty gardening done.
You'll also love the fact that we are open 365 days per year and stay open late compared to other hydroponic supply stores. Not only are we your sources for when you're in a pinch, but we also have a whole host of standard items at a fantastic prices at our East Dallas, Garland, The Colony, and North Dallas/Plano area locations.
Are you looking for a full product line? Well, we recommend hitting up Green Habitat Hydroponics, conveniently located in the same shopping center as our East Dallas Puff n Stuff location. The knowledgeable, experienced staff will take good care of you and ensure you get the very best hydroponic supplies.
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